Kel Tells: Choir Boy

In an effort to see more theater and hone my critical writing skills, I’m introducing a new series on the blog: Kel Tells! This series will consist of reviews of (primarily) Broadway plays and musicals, featuring my opinions, thoughts and critical analyses of various elements of the productions. After seeing shows that I love be picked apart […]

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2019: A Promise to HUSTLE

Lately I have been so inspired by the people around me who are just DOING things. It is so cool to see people creating, refining, and continuously putting effort and energy into these passion projects, not because they’re being paid to, not because they’re given the opportunity to, and not because they had the perfect […]

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I Bought a Stranger’s Diary

*All names in the journal entries have been changed to pronouns* I know, I know… That’s WEIRD, right? I thought so too when I first came across this BuzzFeed video of someone doing the same thing.  The more I thought about it, the more I became intrigued. After a few days of research, a very […]

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2017: A Year of Fearless Living

New Year’s Eve/Day is my favorite holiday. If you’re like most people, then you probably raised me a furrowed brow when you read that.  Yes, the infamous night of amateur drinking, loud music, fireworks that keep you up, and confetti-covered, hazy decisions is my favorite holiday. Though the moments before and after the clock strikes […]

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Young, Scrappy, & Hungry: Amy Sapp

Welcome to a new series on the blog, “Young, Scrappy, & Hungry!”  In these features, I will introduce you to a dynamite human in their twenties who is currently KILLING IT in the industry.  We will talk about obstacles, pinch-me moments, and the concept of age in the New York City theater industry.  Enjoy! Meet […]

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Shoebox Apartment Living in NYC

How I live THRIVE in 60 sq. ft. (plus one closet and one storage bin)! New York City is stereotyped for being astronomically expensive in every single way across the board – a small coffee is $5, a box of cereal is $8, and who could forget paying over $120/month for a transportation system that […]

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