20 Hopes for 2020

I’d like to interrupt the stream of year-end highlight reels, lists of goals, and photo collages plaguing your various newsfeeds, and offer you – yes, you – some hopes for the new year. I may know you personally and I may not, but please know that I mean each of these with honest sincerity – […]


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NY Now Trade Show

*This post is not affiliated with Anjali Pollack Design* Twice a year at the Javits Center in New York, I attend the NY Now Trade Show on behalf of the interior design firm that I work for. I always get a ton of questions about the event – what it is, why I’m there, what […]

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Kel Tells: True West

We’ve all heard of the “Wild West” right? What comes to mind is the classic Western showdown moment – two cowboy-types standing several meters apart, staring one another down through squinted eyes and a furrowed brow in the middle of the desert with a tumble weed rolling by in the background. As a viewer, you […]

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Galentine’s Day 4 Ways

Hello Gal Pals from all walks of life! It is that time of year again! The time when all of woman-kind is dramatically divided into two categories: doting lovebirds with puppy-dog eyes who marvel at each romantic gesture no matter how trivial they may seem, AND bitter and jaded, love-loathing beings who can’t be bothered […]

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Young, Scrappy, & Hungry: Lauren Listor

“I want to photograph your life” This is the banner of Photographer Lauren Listor’s website for her rapidly-growing business Laurel Creative. After following this 25-year-old on social media for the past couple months, stalking her stunning photographs, and seeing the way she treats her clients and conducts her business with grace, authenticity, and professionalism, I was […]

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Kel Tells: Choir Boy

In an effort to see more theater and hone my critical writing skills, I’m introducing a new series on the blog: Kel Tells! This series will consist of reviews of (primarily) Broadway plays and musicals, featuring my opinions, thoughts and critical analyses of various elements of the productions. After seeing shows that I love be picked apart […]

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2019: A Promise to HUSTLE

Lately I have been so inspired by the people around me who are just DOING things. It is so cool to see people creating, refining, and continuously putting effort and energy into these passion projects, not because they’re being paid to, not because they’re given the opportunity to, and not because they had the perfect […]

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